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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide: Dad is No Longer Impossible to Shop For!

Beefer Original

It is a known fact that dads are the most difficult individuals to buy gifts for. And with Father’s Day right around the corner, we can sense the panic starting to settle in. That’s why we came up with the ultimate gift guide for dad this year, grill style! Don’t worry, we got you!


Look no further, this is the one and only gift you need to win favorite child of the century award! The Beefer! Let’s face it, dads love to grill and love to show off their skills even more. We all know they’re secretly and sometimes not-so-secretly in competition with the neighbors. So, this Father’s Day, give dad the best grill on the market. With a burner temperature reaching1,500° F almost instantly and cooking anything dad’s heart desires to perfection, The Beefer will outdo any neighborhood competition. No other grill on the market even comes close to being entertained as a gift option so we’ve made this super easy for you. Now on to the fun accessories!


Accessories are a way to really personalize a gift for someone. And lucky for you and dad, The Beefer comes with a multitude of accessories to choose from. Check out our website for the full catalog, but below we’ve listed our favorites that dad will love too!

Beefer Burger Tray with Ring

Is your dad a burger master? Take his skills to the next level with the Beefer Burger Tray and Ring creating perfectly symmetrical patties each time.

Beefer Fat Tray

The Beefer Fat Tray is made of stainless-steel and fits perfectly under the Beefer to collect any liquids during cooking and makes clean-up a breeze! Who wouldn’t love that?

Beefer Grill Glove

Working with 1500°F degrees is as equally thrilling as it is dangerous but only if you’re not equipped with the proper safety tools. Beefer thought of everything – especially when they engineered these insulated grilling gloves with the extreme heat in mind. No more worries about burning dad’s hands – these babies can handle the heat! All 1500°F degrees!

Beefer Tongs

No matter if dad is a huge meat-loving BBQ master, a pescatarian connoisseur, or a manly vegetarian, Beefer Tongs are a must-have to easily handle everything on dad’s menu.

Beefer Carry Bag

Since The Beefer is portable, dad can’t be without the official carry bag! Now he can take his Beefer everywhere with him whether it’s to the beach, out camping, or at the neighbor’s house who still cooks steaks at low temperatures on his old charcoal or gas grill – show him how to do it right! Beef it up with 1,500°F degrees!

Fifth & Cherry Cutting Board Beefer Edition

Last but not least, the best performing, and longest-lasting cutting board ever made! Unlike anything dad has ever experienced, this cutting board is handcrafted in the USA from 100% responsibly sourced cherry wood and steel reinforced that is large enough to handle anything he wants to cook yet compact enough for areas with smaller counter spaces.

So, there you have it! The perfect gift for a perfect Father’s Day and all the accessories to really impress the grill master of the house. No other gift will top The Beefer so grab yours today!

By Sarah Bonacci | June 10, 2022

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The Battle of American BBQ Styles

Beefer perfect steak 1500 degrees

The Battle of American BBQ Styles – Summer is rapidly approaching, and everyone is getting ready to show off their barbeque skills. All across America, from national barbeque competitions and festivals to the local neighborhood backyard bashes the one question remains – which of the four traditional BBQ styles do you use? American BBQ is a serious matter, so let the battles begin!

Memphis Style

When you’re in Tennessee, you’re not just in the heart of America, you’re in God’s country and it’s all about the ribs! Pork ribs are the crowned jewel of the south and they are smoked slower than you can empty a jar of molasses on a hot July afternoon. Memphis Style BBQ can come two ways: dry rubs or wet sauces. Traditional dry rub BBQ combines all the sweetest flavors of brown sugar, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, black pepper, sea salt and rosemary. Traditional wet sauces have more of a savory and tangy palette with ketchup, white vinegar, brown sugar, yellow mustard, Worcestershire sauce, onion powder, black pepper, cayenne pepper and sea salt. Both pack a punch in flavor for a finger-licking good time and are pulled to perfection for that melt-in-your-mouth sensation. 

Texas Style

There’s good reason why they always say, “everything’s bigger in Texas”. With a state spanning over 200,000 miles, barbequing ain’t just a type of food; ya’ll, it’s a religion. Naturally with a state being so vast, different variations of BBQ style develop but it all comes down to brisket -the foundation of all Texas barbeque. Known for its smokey flavors of oak, mesquite, hickory, and pecan, Texas brisket usually ends up looking like a giant lump of coal if you cook it right but once the crisp cavity is cut open, the meat is so tender, so juicy, so delectable, sure ‘nuff you’ll be fixin’ for a second plate before you know it. 

Kansas City

When it comes to Kansas City BBQ, it comes down to two words: burnt ends. Whether you’re grilling up some beef, pork, or poultry, burnt ends are the hallmark of a good Kansas City style BBQ. It’s all about encompassing the fatty flavorful pieces of thickly cut meat and burnt to perfection for that unmistakable trademark taste. The meat is then traditionally poured into rich Kansas City style baked beans and cooked again until the texture is so soft, and all the flavors blend together. A taste explosion in every bite for sure, however, no meal is complete without Kansas City BBQ sauce. A traditional ketchup-base with sticky finger molasses, the secret to this sauce is the brown sugar and a lot of it! There is no such thing as too sweet when it comes to Kansas City. 

The Carolinas 

Known as one of America’s oldest methods of cooking meat, The Carolinas have mastered the art of barbequing. Pitmasters over the years have perfected this style of barbeque with pork and focus primarily on the stomach, neck, and shoulders of the hog. Treating each section with tenderness and care softening up the firm portions and keeping a close eye on the delicate ones cautious not to char the flavor off. On top of having arguably the original form of barbeque style, The Carolinas are best known for the Carolina Gold Sauce. Unlike most traditional barbeque sauces having a ketchup-base, Carolina Gold has a mustard-base giving it that tangy, zesty flavor brought over by early German settlers. Sometimes referred to as “Mop Sauce”, that is exactly how you enhance the flavors of the meat; by mopping it on while the meat cooks and then again when it’s ready to eat.

Although the debate remains which American BBQ Style is the best, the original, or the go-to for summertime cookouts, there is one thing every grilling master can agree on and that’s all these styles not only can be achieved with The Beefer, but can be perfected with The Beefer. 

By Sarah Bonacci

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Grilling’s Not Just for The Boys

Grilles Cocktail

Your Mother’s Day Guide to Grilling the Perfect Meal for Mom

Blog Post by Sarah Bonacci | April 29, 2022

We are going to prove to you that grilling with The Beefer is not just for the boys and goes beyond your typical steak dinner and barbeque feasts. Grilling can beautiful, feminine, and aesthetically gorgeous too. We came up with a simply sophisticated menu for mom on her special day to help celebrate her without the mess! Creating these elegant dishes with The Beefer, she’ll be enjoying her Mother’s Day brunch in no time. 

Spicing Things Up: The Grilled Cocktail

Show mom how sweet she is by serving her a refreshing cocktail. Impress her with your master grilling skills with a twist. And we have just the thing: Grilled Vodka Lemonade. Cool and invigorating and now with a hint of smokiness. Grab six fresh lemons and begin by slicing them in half. Sprinkle some raw sugar on them and place face down in The Beefer. It doesn’t take long for the juicy citrus fruit to become nicely charred by the intensity of the heat allowing the natural sugars caramelize in a way only The Beefer can deliver. Squeeze and strain the grilled lemons into a pitcher allowing the juice to accumulate. Next, add 2 cups of simple syrup and 2 cups of ice-cold water. And lastly, take mom’s favorite vodka and add 1 ½ cups to the grilled concoction. Stir and serve! Add some ice for extra crispness and a thinly sliced grilled lemon wedge to garnish and finish it off.  

The Main Event: Grilled Brunch

The Beefer can do some absolutely incredible things with meat but let’s not neglect fish! The days are getting warmer, and a Mediterranean inspired meal is just the thing for mom. Treat her with some smokey seared salmon on an exquisitely grilled bagel. A meal that will have her wondering how you created such a work of art in a matter of minutes! Start off by seasoning the salmon with her favorite herbs or toppings – we recommend some dark brown sugar, coarse sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Add 1 cup of Scotch whisky to keep it moistened inside creating golden brown crisp edges while it grills almost instantaneously in The Beefer. Slice the bagels in half place inside or on top of The Beefer until the perfect level of crunchiness is achieved. Grab mom’s favorite cream cheese spread, slather the bagels and top them with nicely sliced pieces of salmon. She’ll be amazed at how many sweet, savory, and smokey flavors will be dancing around in her mouth with every bite. 

Calories Don’t Count for Moms: Grilled Dessert

Make Mother’s Day memorable by ending the day with a little panache. Tantalize her tastebuds with honey glazed grilled peaches and a side of Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream. This classy dessert will look elegant, chic, and tedious to make but couldn’t be made more simply with the help from The Beefer! Slice a few peaches in half and remove the pits. Delicately brush the peaches with honey and place in The Beefer cut side down. Within seconds, yes just seconds, your peaches will be perfectly grilled by the intense 1500 degrees of heat only The Beefer can provide. The sweetness of the honey mixed on top of the velvety smoothness of the peaches will create a caramelized glaze and add the smallest crunch to every bite. Add a scoop of Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream on top and serve. We guarantee this dessert will vanish before you even have a chance to put the dish down. 

The Beefer will instantly become mom’s favorite grilling machine after this Mother’s Day meal extravaganza! Between its versatility, convenience, simplicity, and functional modern design, The Beefer easily proves that grilling is not just for the boys and is not just limited to steak dinners. It has the unique ability that no other conventional oven or grill has to turn breathtaking flavors into taste explosions even in cocktails and desserts.

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How To Grill The Perfect Steak

The perfect Steak, Red, White and Blue Ribeye Sandwiches from the Beefer

How To Grill The Perfect Steak

Blog Post 1 by Sarah Bonacci | April 15, 2022

Summer is right around the corner and every proud American knows the unofficial kick-off to grilling season is upon us! That means weekends packed full of friends and family gathering together outside on the back deck over some good barbeque. Now is the time to start preparing your cookout recipes for all your summer fun. But ever wonder how your favorite restaurant cooks a perfect steak each time? We’re talking that dark, crisp, flavorful sizzle on the outside and that juicy, cooked-to-perfection savory pink on the inside…well what if we told you achieving this yourself is as simple as a single click of your mouse. We promise, it’s that easy! This is your fool-proof guide on how you can achieve the perfect steak every time in the comfort of your own home.

Step 1: Buy a Beefer 

…we don’t really need to elaborate, but we will anyway.

Step 2: Know Your (Grill) Options 

Every meat-eating connoisseur and foodie alike understand that depending on the cut and grade of the steak, each one has its own personality full of texture and flavor to delight any palette. Sirloins are considered to be an expensive, prime steak full of flavor served best medium-rare whereas a flank steak is a cheaper cut but great for barbequing. It is equally as important to understand that there are different cooking options as well but only one that you should be using.

Conventional ovens are designed to cook the meat for a longer period of time at a temperature merely reaching 750 degrees Fahrenheit. This method tends to produce an even cooking style throughout the steak but often times overcooks the meat internally. It is difficult to get that crispy crust while keeping the middle juicy and rare.

Charcoal grills are another option, a go-to method of cooking, especially during those summer months. Similar to conventional ovens, charcoal grills can heat up to roughly 600-700 degrees Fahrenheit but can easily char the outside of a steak which sometimes ends up burning and scorching off all the flavors. A lot of steaks become well done when cooked this way and are often slathered with dipping sauces in order to mask the blandness. 

The Beefer, unlike anything else available, beats the competition out of the water by caramelizing the peppery crust of the steak and maximizing its flavors for an unmistakable taste while trapping in all the delectable juices for that perfect mouth-watering bite each time. It would seem like it would take hours of preparation and meticulous attention to details to achieve this kind of quality when actually it happens all within just seconds of entering the blazing 1500 degrees Fahrenheit of heat. Due to its High-Performance Ceramic Burner, The Beefer is able to accomplish perfect results every single time by evenly distributing the temperature and its ability to turn food into delicacies. 

Step 3: Quality in Versatility 

Unlike the traditional oven/grill, The Beefer adds an extra layer of versatility having the unique ability to cook your entire meal at the same time so that you can serve everything hot all at once. Not to mention having only to clean one machine rather than a half-dozen pots and pans. While your steak is cooking to perfection inside the beautifully German-engineered machine, you can sauté your veggies on the top of it killing two birds with one stone. It is seriously the only flavor enhancer you’ll ever need in your home. You’ll wonder how you lived your life up to this point without it. It’s conveniently lightweight so you can transport it from your kitchen to your back deck in no time and is simply effortless to clean. That’s right, we said kitchen and back deck, making The Beefer both an indoor and outdoor portable grill no matter the season. The Beefer also comes in three sizes catering to the type of cooking enthusiast that you are. They’ve got the perfect machine for the grilling aficionado daring to take their skills to the next level and beyond, a big-boy machine for those extended family cookouts, and an even larger than life machine while still being conveniently compact for chefs and professionals set in a more commercial atmosphere. 

The Beefer has it all and delivers beyond expectations every single time! If you’re still having trouble making that decision, this insightful writer is here to help. Go back and read Step #1; you’ll find your answer there. For a perfect steak every time, The Beefer is the only solution for unparalleled results and unmatched flavor. 

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Pat LaFrieda, the Maestro of Meat’ uses his Beefer XL Chef to sear his favorite recipe to perfection! In the back of his truck….

Pat LaFrieda, Beefer XL Chef

Source: CBS Saturday Morning ShowPat LaFrieda on expanding his meat empire. Master butcher Pat LaFrieda turned his family butcher shop into a world-renowned purveyor of beef. But staying on top isn’t easy…Pat LaFrieda uses our Beefer XL Chef to sear with incredible 1,500 degrees top down to perfection! See Beefer scene from 4:10′ on…

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Salsa Verde Chicken Empanadas – Made with a Beefer

I can’t believe it’s almost time for the Super Bo—er, Big Game already! As I sit here thinking about the teams I’d like to see in the big game, I’m also thinking about who I want to invite and what kind of food I want to serve at my Super Bowl party! Limited guest lists and social distancing are still a thing unfortunately, so individual servings and portable foods are going to be especially important this year. What we’ve always called “finger foods” are now more relevant than ever, although we may need to give them a more pandemic appropriate name. The Beefer is perfect for ‘Big Game’ parties because they’re portable, quick, easy, and they always yield the perfect size portions for portable foods! No matter where you’re celebrating ‘Big Game’ this year, making these Green Chile Chicken Empanadas will be a breeze with the Beefer!

Ingredients for Salsa Verde Chicken Empanadas

  • 2 packages of ready-made pizza dough (14oz. Each)
  • 1 lb. Boneless skinless chicken breasts, chopped
  • 1/4 cup salsa verde
  • 1/2 cup shredded Monterrey jack cheese
  • 1/2 tsp. Cooper Duper and Pepper

STEP 1. Heat The Beefer to high heat. Place The Beefer Pizza Stone on the very bottom to pre-heat. If your pizza stone is new and not well seasoned, rub a thin coat of olive oil over the top of the stone before placing it into The Beefer.


STEPPlace the chicken onto a Beefer Gastro Tray and sprinkle with Cooper’s Provisions Smoked Sea Salt and Pepper. Place the tray halfway down in The Beefer and cook the chicken for 2-3 minutes. Remove the tray, pour in the salsa verde:

STEP 3 Stir and replace the tray into the Beefer for another 2-3 minutes, until the chicken is browned and cooked through. Remove from the heat and set aside:


STEP 4Roll out the pizza dough and use a large drinking glass or 4” biscuit cutter to cut circles into the dough:


STEP 5Place a small spoonful of the chicken mixture into the center of the dough rounds and top with a pinch of cheese:


STEP 6Fold the dough over so the edges meet:


STEP 7Press with a fork to crimp the edges to seal. Each sheet of pizza dough should make 6 to 8 empanadas:


STEP Turn the heat down to low before putting the empanadas into the Beefer. Place the empanadas onto the pizza stone in the bottom of the Beefer:


STEP 9 Cook them for about three minutes on each side, Until the dough is browned and cooked through. Transfer to a serving tray and enjoy!


Look at this!


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Shirogane Umami Wagyu Flank Steak Sopes from the Beefer

That is a huge mouthful both in terms of the name and flavor. THIS is how to take your Christmas or New Years Eve meal to a whole other level that will be something you remember not just for the year but for years to come! You can find this otherworldly beef from the World of Wagyu by the Crooked Butcher.

Ingredients for Wagyu Flank Steak Sopes

  • 6-8 servings
  • 1 (1.2-1.5 lbs) Shirogane Umami Wagyu Beef Flank Steak
  • Cooper Duper Smoked Finishing Salt
  • Cooking oil for frying sopes
  • 6-8 packaged sopes or crispy tostada shells
  • 1 1/3 cup chopped mini tri-color peppers
  • 1/3 cup chopped scallions
  • 1/3 cup chopped cilantro
  • 2 limes, cut in wedges, divided
  • 2 cups lightly seasoned refried black beans
  • 2/3 cup crumbled queso fresco
  • 1//2 cup red or green salsa (optional)
  • Optional Crema:

  • Blend 1 avocado
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • 1 tablespoon salsa or sriracha
  • a pinch of salt

Our Wagyu Beef Partner:

Instructions: TIP 1 Shirogane Umami Wagyu Flank Steak has a rich satisfying pronounced flavor therefore you dont want to mask it! Thats why we designed simple Sopes, and are encouraging you not to add a lot of toppings. Allow the luscious flavor of Shirogane Umami Wagyu to be featured. Your guests will thank you!


TIP 2 Every drip of wagyu fat is a luxury! Make sure to capture the fat in the Beefers drip tray! We suggest heating refried black beans on the bottom shelf of the Beefer. The Wagyu Flank Steak fat will provide richness and flavor to the refried black beans:


STEP 1 Keep the wagyu flank steak chilled until ready to cook. Score the steak in a crosshatch or diagonal pattern. Sprinkle salt on both sides of the Shirogane Umami Wagyu Flank Steak and set aside:


TIP 3  To score the flank steak, the knife blade should penetrate 1/8 deep and spaced approximately 1-inch apart. Scoring the meat will allow better salt absorption, boosts chewability, benefits efficient cooking, and encourages the Maillard reaction:


STEP 2 Heat 1 inch of oil in a deep frying pan over moderate high heat until the thermometer registers 375°. Fry the Sopes for 4-5 minutes, turning over a few times:


STEP 3 Transfer the Sopes with a slotted spoon or tongs to paper towels and drain:


STEP 4 Combine the chopped mini peppers, scallions, and cilantro in a bowl. Drizzle with the juice from a wedge of lime and lightly salt:


STEP 5 Meanwhile, ignite the Beefer Infrared Grill to the highest heat, for 5 minutes. Insert a Beefer grill grate onto the 3rd rack:


STEP 6 Place the refried black beans into Beefers deep gastro pan or drip pan and place on the bottom of the Beefer. Stir beans a few times while cooking:


STEP 7 Position the wagyu flank steak on the center of a Beefer grill grate. Make sure the black beans are on the bottom shelf to catch the fat drippings. Grill one end of the flank steak 30 seconds then turn the tray around and cook the opposite end of the flank steak for 30 seconds:


STEP 8 Continue to cook and turn the flank steak one more time but at 20 second intervals. Time varies depending on size of the flank steak and the heat, keep an eye on it:


STEP 9 Turn the flank steak over with the Beefer long grill tongs, and repeat the 30 second and 15 second grilling steps until desired doneness. We suggest the internal temperature of Wagyu Steak is between 130°F -135°F:


STEP 10 Transfer the flank steak to a cutting board, sprinkle Cooper Duper Smoked Finishing Sea Salt, and rest meat for 10 minutes:


STEP 11 Slice flank steak across the grain into (1-inch thick) strips:


STEP 12 Spread about 1/4 cup warm black beans into each of the sopes:


STEP 13 Evenly divide the Shirogane Umami Wagyu Flank Steak on top of the black beans. Sprinkle with chopped sweet pepper mixture, queso fresco, and, if desired, a touch of salsa or avocado cream:

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Beefer’s Best Turkey Legs with Veggie Medley

Beefer’s Best Turkey Legs with Veggie Medley

Did you know the Beefer crisps turkey legs to perfection? Our Beefer’s Best Turkey Legs will win your palate with depth of flavor and crispy turkey skin. We keep it simple with a marinade of garlic, smoked salt, and sage then pop it into a sous vide for 6-hours, before heading straight to the infrared heat of the Beefer. The scrumptious turkey legs are served on a healthy and absolutely delicious Veggie Medley. A perfect Thanksgiving dish for keto, paleo, and gluten-free guests.

Ingredients for Sous Vide Turkey Legs:

  • 6 large garlic cloves, roughly chopped
  • Zest from 1 lemon
  • 1 tablespoon Cooper Duper Smoked Salt
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon sage powder
  • 2 tablespoons garlic oil or oil of preference
  • 2 (1.5 lbs) turkey legs

Ingredients for Veggie Medley

  • 3 Napa Cabbage leaves, shredded
  • 3/4 cup baby carrots, chopped
  • 1 large parsnip, peeled, chopped
  • 1/2 white or yellow onion, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, divided
  • 1 stalk celery, chopped
  • 1 long sweet red pepper or 1/2 cup red bell peppers, chopped
  • 1/2 jalapeño, chopped, or desired amount
  • 1 tablespoon chopped parsley or favorite holiday herb
  • Lemon

STEP 1 In a sous vide approved vacuum-seal bag, combine garlic, lemon zest, smoked salt, sea salt, black pepper, sage powder and cooking oil. Massage plastic bag to mix ingredients. Add turkey legs and seal bags per sous vide instructions. Sous vide turkey legs for 6-8 hours at 148°F:


STEP 2 After the turkey legs have cooked 6 hours remove from sous vide and blot dry. It is beneficial for the turkey legs to air dry (for crispier skin) while preparing the Veggie Medley:


STEP 3 Combine the cabbage, carrots, parsnip, and onion in a 8-cup microwave safe bowl. Add 1/3 cup water, and cover the bowl with plastic wrap. Microwave the vegetables on high for 4 minutes. Remove the veggie bowl from the microwave, and allow to steam 2 minutes before removing the plastic wrap:


STEP 4 After removing the plastic wrap from the bowl, immediately add 1 tablespoon of butter to the hot vegetables. Pour veggies into a Beefer Drip Tray:


STEP 5 Combine the sweet red pepper, jalapeño, parsley and 1 tablespoon butter in a Beefer Deep Gastro Tray. Heat the Beefer on high for 5 minutes.


STEP 6 Adjust the Beefer heat to medium-high. Place Deep Gastro Tray with sweet red pepper medley onto the 3rd shelf. Grill red pepper medley for 45 seconds, turning the tray halfway through cook time. The sweet red pepper medley is done cooking once the peppers are lightly charred, and softened:


STEP 7 Pour the cabbage medley into the sweet red pepper medley and stir. Add a squeeze of lemon juice and salt to taste:


STEP 8 Place veggie medley on the bottom of the Beefer to capture all of the turkey juice! So delicious!


STEP 9 Place 1 or 2 turkey legs, on a Beefer grill grate. Brown turkey legs, on the center shelf under medium-high infrared heat:


STEP 10 Rotate the turkey legs with the Beefer Tongs every 20-30 seconds for 5 minutes. The turkey legs are done once they are brown and crispy!


STEP 11 Pour Veggie Medley on a medium serving platter. Top with the Beefer’s Best Turkey Legs. Sprinkle with parsley and enjoy!


Tip 1 Don’t be afraid to brown the turkey leg until crispy. By cooking the turkey leg sous vide, the meat stays moist and can take the extreme heat of the Beefer:


TIP 2 Select a medium platter to make the Turkey and Veggie Medley look more grandeur than on a large platter:


Serves 2 – 3

Beefer’s Best Turkey Legs with Veggie Medley
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Beefer at Worldfood Championship Dallas Texas 2021 – Impressions

Some Impressions showing a lot of Beefer 1500 degrees broilers at the annual World Food Championship in Texas, november 5-7, 2021. Beefer USA Corporation once again participated in the World Food Challenge in Texas. Many participants decided to enter the competition with the Beefer – and yes: there were winners!


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Beefer Spicy Pork and Apple Pumpkin Rings

Beefer Spicy Pork and Apple Pumpkin Rings

What flavors are you craving this Fall? Let’s feast on Beefer roasted apples and pumpkin seasoned with warm spices. But let’s now stop there! Toss the apples and pumpkin with grilled maple pork tenderloin then tuck into a grilled pumpkin rings! Fun, Festive and oh so Fall!

Spicy Pork and Apple Pumpkin Rings Ingredients:

  • 1 (1.5 lbs) pork tenderloin
  • 1 tablespoons canola or avocado oil
  • 1 small pumpkin
  • 1 large green apple
  • 1 jalapeno, chopped
  • 2 tablespoons salted butter
  • 1/3 cup maple syrup
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
  • 1 tablespoon sriracha hot sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon Chinese 5-spice
  • Lime zest

 Helpful Beefer Grill Tools for this recipe:

Not all pumpkins are the same! Look for a small “pumpkin pie” edible pumpkin not a decorative pumpkin. Acorn Squash is a great year-round substitute for seasonal pumpkin:

Spicy Pork and Apple Pumpkin Rings

STEP 1 Trim and discard the silver skin and excess fat from the pork tenderloin:


STEP 2  Cut pork tenderloin into approximately large under 2-inch chunks, and drizzle with oil:


STEP 3 With a large cutlery knife, cut the pumpkin crosswise into (4) 1-inch thick rings. Remove and discard the seeds and membranes from each pumpkin ring:


TIP 2  Use a curved or grapefruit spoon to remove the membranes from pumpkin:


STEP 4 Place pumpkin rings in a microwave safe large bowl, sprinkle 1 1/2 teaspoons smoking salt and 2 tablespoons water.  Cover bowl with plastic wrap and microwave on high for 4 minutes. After cook time, allow pumpkin rings to steam under the plastic wrap for 2 minutes. Uncover pumpkin rings and pat dry. Meanwhile, heat the Beefer Infrared Grill:


STEP 5 Ignite the Beefer Grill to high heat for 5 minutes. Turn knob halfway down to medium. Place a Beefer Drip Tray on the bottom of the Beefer. Brush pumpkin rings with cooking oil. Divide pumpkin rings onto 2 Beefer grill grates:


STEP 6 Insert grates onto the center and fourth shelves. Grill 25 seconds or until the pumpkin ring on the top shelf is lightly browned. Use the Beefer handle to pull trays out. Turn the top grate in opposite direction; leave bottom tray. Grill pumpkin rings for 20 seconds or until lightly browned:


STEP 7 Repeat grilling steps with the pumpkin rings on the center shelf. Remove pumpkin rings after browning on both sides. Transfer from the grates. Chop one pumpkin ring into small bites, discarding the skin, and set aside:


TIP 3 Allow space between pork cubes for plenty of air flow:


STEP 8 Arrange the pork cubes on 2 Beefer grill grates. Brown pork using the same steps as the pumpkin rings were grilled. The pork will take a few more 25 second intervals than the pumpkin rings:


STEP 9 Once the pork reaches an internal temperature of 140°F degrees remove from Beefer. Let pork rest 5 minutes, and cut into bite size pieces. The pork will complete cooking in the apple and jalapeño glaze:


TIP 4 Pork tenderloin does not have the fat to create a crust as does a steak. We recommend lightly browning:


STEP 10 Peel and discard skin from apple. Chop the apple into 1/2-inch pieces, and the jalapeño into 1/4-inch pieces, and combine in a Beefer drip tray:


TIP 5 Chop as much jalapeño as your plate can handle!



STEP 11 Place tray with apples and jalapeño on the center shelf, and grill for 20 seconds, turn tray, and cook for 20 more seconds. Add butter and cook until butter has melted:


STEP 12 Whisk maple syrup, lime juice, sriracha, salt, and Chinese 5-spice; pour over grilled apples and jalapeño:


TIP 6 For added flavor, grill the apples and jalapeño in the maple syrup, for 20 seconds, to lightly caramelize:


STEP 13 Combine glazed apples, reserved pumpkin chunks, chopped pork in Beefer’s deep gastro tray, and sprinkle with smoked sea salt:


STEP 14 Place pork tray onto center shelf. Grill for 20 seconds, rotate tray around, around 20 seconds or until pork is 145°F degrees:


TIP 7 If that much pumpkin ring isn’t your thing, chop the pumpkin rings, discarding the skin, and toss with the pork and apples. Sprinkle with cilantro:


TO SERVE Place each pumpkin ring onto an individual plate. Sprinkle with cilantro and serve. Pepper and salt to taste: