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The Super Hot Grill a Musician Uses to Make Restaurant-Quality Steaks at Home

The author with his Beefer grill


In 2018, I collaborated with superstar German DJ Robin Schulz. We had a No. 1 song internationally and did a few tours together throughout Europe. Since then, I’ve kept up with Robin on social media because I love his music — but also because he seems to be on the cutting edge of unique ways to grill meats. I’ve been grilling and smoking meats for about five years now — it’s become a favorite hobby when I’m not touring — and count Char-Griller’s Akorn grill and a Traeger smoker among my favorite equipment. A couple months ago, Robin posted an Instagram story that showed a stainless-steel device with a simple logo on it: Beefer. I’m a big design guy, so the clean look of the grill intrigued me immediately. But when he pulled an equally impressive-looking steak out of it, I had to know more.

After a bit of research, I learned Beefer was short for The Beefer, a German-made, ceramic-plated propane grill-slash-oven that can reach temperatures up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s a pretty simple set up: Like with other propane grills, you hook a fuel hose up to the tank and use an ignition switch to light it. While it can be used for anything from meat to fish to vegetables to pizzas, watching Robin’s and a few more videos of The Beefer in action made clear its true appeal: The grill gets so hot that it can char a steak in a way I’d never been able to achieve with any of my other setups. I immediately bought one.

The Beefer isn’t cheap, but it is a special tool that I’ve come to rely on even more since the world fell into a pandemic. Normally, when I don’t have time to make them myself, I love to go out and order perfectly cooked steaks and other meats — but right now, of course, that’s not really an option. (Even with restaurants opening, there are plenty of reasons not to rush back into a dining room.) I haven’t left my house in any meaningful way in about five months, but with The Beefer, I have been able to grill at temperatures usually reserved for restaurant kitchens. Before I got it, I’d order steaks for takeout or delivery, but they’d always arrive cold. Reheating them would then really change the texture and taste of their original medium rare or rare cook. Now, I can cook my own steaks to my precise liking — and do so way faster. An inch-and-a-half-thick cut cooked at 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit, for instance, is usually medium rare in about three to four minutes. Fresh out of The Beefer, I usually let it rest for another ten minutes and it’s basically ready to eat.

Another nice thing about The Beefer is its size. It’s lightweight, which makes it more portable than a lot of other professional grilling equipment, so I can easily move it from my house deck to my studio porch (I recently finished building a backyard recording studio, where I’ve been recording my forthcoming album, Seed of Joy). Cleaning it is also quite simple: Because the design doesn’t pride itself in intricacy, I usually just keep it on after I’m done cooking with it and let the excess gunk burn off from the heat. After that, I wait for it to cool down and wipe the whole thing down with a damp rag.

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Comparing All of the Different Ways to Cook Steak with Beefer

Beefer Steak Perfection 1,500 Degrees

There is a tasty world waiting for you at 1500°. If you take grilling seariously and you love all the ways to cook steak, the Beefer is a must-have home grill. We’ve taken a commercial grill for steaks from the best restaurant grill options and cooked up an infrared grill that will broil steaks in minutes. Explore and compare all the different ways to cook steak with the Beefer below.

Turning Up the Heat in the Kitchen

Have you ever gone to a steakhouse and thought, “Wow, if only I could cook a steak like this at home!” With the Beefer, you don’t have to day-dream about trying to figure out restaurant-quality ways to cook steak. Now, the best restaurant grill can be used from the comfort of your own home. With high-temperature searing and beautiful steaks in minutes, your mouth will be watering at the moment your Beefer reaches 1500°.

Ways to Cook Steak with the Beefer

So how do you get the perfect steak with the Beefer grill? Make sure to take your steak out and bring it to room temperature, while allowing your beefer to preheat for 5 minutes. Cooking your steak only takes 45 to 60 seconds on both sides. After your steak is beefed, let it rest for 5 to 7 minutes and then beef both sides again for 15 seconds for the perfect crust. Season with salt and pepper, sit back and enjoy the perfect steak.

Watch our video on how to cook the perfect steak with the Beefer!

Grilling Steaks Faster than Ever Before

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Well, the Beefer only cooks one steak at a time,” but we’re here to tell you that the Beefer cooks perfect steaks faster and easier than your home grill. You can beef and sear up to four steaks in under 10 minutes, which brings the total cook time with preheating to under 15 minutes. Your home grill will average about 30 to 45 minutes to cook mouth-watering steaks, but with the Beefer, it’s even faster.

The BBQ season is starting, but there’s something hotter out there than the weather. With the Beefer, cooking time is fast and preheating is even faster. Don’t be left wondering about all of the different ways to cook steak when you can have a commercial-quality grill for steak right in your kitchen. Ready to beef up your steaks? Buy your Beefer today, the best infrared grill on the market.

Photo Sourced from HDCA for Beefer USA Corporation

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What is the Beefer and Why is it the Best Infrared Grill?

What is the Beefer and Why is it the Best Infrared Grill?

Millions of people go without using bold grilling methods every year, leaving friends and families craving, waiting and hangry. Someone needs to upgrade these grillers, and who better than the Beefer with the best top heat burner infrared grill for indulging in a perfectly grilled meal. Here’s everything you need to know about the Beefer, and why experts call it the best infrared grill for all of your indoor and outdoor grilling adventures:

The Right Amount of Heat for the Perfect Steak

In the world of beef, there are many great ways to cook a steak, but only one way to cook the perfect steak. The Beefer utilizes a high-performance ceramic burner to achieve a blazing 1500˚F heat that flawlessly sears steak with evenly distributed heat. This is the restaurant industry standard temperature to create the perfect blend of a crispy crust, a juicy center and rich flavor that makes every other grill pale in comparison.

The Best Infrared Grill for Every Type of Dish

From perfectly cooked steaks to gourmet style pizza, the Beefer Grill doubles as an all-purpose cooking appliance. The heat comes from above, so there’s no chance of fires from fat dripping into the burner. You can use this grill indoors and outdoors to make restaurant style dishes from the comfort of your home. Whether it’s seared vegetables, juicy burgers or fresh seafood, the Beefer can prepare entire meals to perfection. 

Check out this video on how to cook delicious vegetables in the Beefer.

Maximize Your Meal with the Maillard Reaction

Beefer utilizes the Maillard Reaction to help you create the bold flavors of perfectly charred steak in the comfort of your home. Using a top heat ceramic burner, the reaction of fat, protein and high heat combine to caramelize steak in seconds and create a gourmet flavor profile. This reaction makes Beefer the best infrared grill to create steak that’s grilled to perfection with premium steakhouse quality from home.

Where can you find Beefer grilling fanatics? At home, creating the juiciest and most delicious steaks in a matter of minutes. The Beefer is here to redefine the meaning of the perfect meal. Whether you’re looking for a good home cooked meal or healthy meals to cook, the Beefer Grill can help you do it all with one portable device. Want to “beef” up your favorite meals with the Beefer? Buy yours today!

Photo Sourced from HDCA for Beefer USA Corporation