HPBA in Dallas, March 2019

OUT NOW: Bo Jackson Special Edition for The Beefer and Beefer XL Chef.

Beefer Announces Exciting New Partnership With Bo Jackson Signature Food: Be sure to help us celebrate our new partnership with former pro-athlete, Bo Jackson and Bo Jackson Signature Foods at the upcoming HPBA Expo in Dallas, TX from March 14-16th. Come meet Bo in person as he unveils his new cobranded Beefer at our very own Beefer 4120 on March 14th and 15th!

Beefer U.S. turns 1 – and we would like to say thank you. After the breathtaking and still growing success in Europe for the past few years, it‘s time for an interim balance for the U.S. Market: We are glad to be Official Partners of the World Food Championship WFC, the chosen ones for several Pro Chefs, Winners of the „Best New Product Award 2018“, Vesta Finalist Award at HPBA EXPO 2018 and Top Choice of the World‘s top grillers over our imitators. Guess why? Beefer Original – as the name indicates…

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