Grilling’s Not Just for The Boys

Your Mother’s Day Guide to Grilling the Perfect Meal for Mom

Blog Post by Sarah Bonacci | April 29, 2022

We are going to prove to you that grilling with The Beefer is not just for the boys and goes beyond your typical steak dinner and barbeque feasts. Grilling can beautiful, feminine, and aesthetically gorgeous too. We came up with a simply sophisticated menu for mom on her special day to help celebrate her without the mess! Creating these elegant dishes with The Beefer, she’ll be enjoying her Mother’s Day brunch in no time. 

Spicing Things Up: The Grilled Cocktail

Show mom how sweet she is by serving her a refreshing cocktail. Impress her with your master grilling skills with a twist. And we have just the thing: Grilled Vodka Lemonade. Cool and invigorating and now with a hint of smokiness. Grab six fresh lemons and begin by slicing them in half. Sprinkle some raw sugar on them and place face down in The Beefer. It doesn’t take long for the juicy citrus fruit to become nicely charred by the intensity of the heat allowing the natural sugars caramelize in a way only The Beefer can deliver. Squeeze and strain the grilled lemons into a pitcher allowing the juice to accumulate. Next, add 2 cups of simple syrup and 2 cups of ice-cold water. And lastly, take mom’s favorite vodka and add 1 ½ cups to the grilled concoction. Stir and serve! Add some ice for extra crispness and a thinly sliced grilled lemon wedge to garnish and finish it off.  

The Main Event: Grilled Brunch

The Beefer can do some absolutely incredible things with meat but let’s not neglect fish! The days are getting warmer, and a Mediterranean inspired meal is just the thing for mom. Treat her with some smokey seared salmon on an exquisitely grilled bagel. A meal that will have her wondering how you created such a work of art in a matter of minutes! Start off by seasoning the salmon with her favorite herbs or toppings – we recommend some dark brown sugar, coarse sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Add 1 cup of Scotch whisky to keep it moistened inside creating golden brown crisp edges while it grills almost instantaneously in The Beefer. Slice the bagels in half place inside or on top of The Beefer until the perfect level of crunchiness is achieved. Grab mom’s favorite cream cheese spread, slather the bagels and top them with nicely sliced pieces of salmon. She’ll be amazed at how many sweet, savory, and smokey flavors will be dancing around in her mouth with every bite. 

Calories Don’t Count for Moms: Grilled Dessert

Make Mother’s Day memorable by ending the day with a little panache. Tantalize her tastebuds with honey glazed grilled peaches and a side of Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream. This classy dessert will look elegant, chic, and tedious to make but couldn’t be made more simply with the help from The Beefer! Slice a few peaches in half and remove the pits. Delicately brush the peaches with honey and place in The Beefer cut side down. Within seconds, yes just seconds, your peaches will be perfectly grilled by the intense 1500 degrees of heat only The Beefer can provide. The sweetness of the honey mixed on top of the velvety smoothness of the peaches will create a caramelized glaze and add the smallest crunch to every bite. Add a scoop of Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream on top and serve. We guarantee this dessert will vanish before you even have a chance to put the dish down. 

The Beefer will instantly become mom’s favorite grilling machine after this Mother’s Day meal extravaganza! Between its versatility, convenience, simplicity, and functional modern design, The Beefer easily proves that grilling is not just for the boys and is not just limited to steak dinners. It has the unique ability that no other conventional oven or grill has to turn breathtaking flavors into taste explosions even in cocktails and desserts.

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