How To Grill The Perfect Steak

How To Grill The Perfect Steak

Blog Post 1 by Sarah Bonacci | April 15, 2022

Summer is right around the corner and every proud American knows the unofficial kick-off to grilling season is upon us! That means weekends packed full of friends and family gathering together outside on the back deck over some good barbeque. Now is the time to start preparing your cookout recipes for all your summer fun. But ever wonder how your favorite restaurant cooks a perfect steak each time? We’re talking that dark, crisp, flavorful sizzle on the outside and that juicy, cooked-to-perfection savory pink on the inside…well what if we told you achieving this yourself is as simple as a single click of your mouse. We promise, it’s that easy! This is your fool-proof guide on how you can achieve the perfect steak every time in the comfort of your own home.

Step 1: Buy a Beefer 

…we don’t really need to elaborate, but we will anyway.

Step 2: Know Your (Grill) Options 

Every meat-eating connoisseur and foodie alike understand that depending on the cut and grade of the steak, each one has its own personality full of texture and flavor to delight any palette. Sirloins are considered to be an expensive, prime steak full of flavor served best medium-rare whereas a flank steak is a cheaper cut but great for barbequing. It is equally as important to understand that there are different cooking options as well but only one that you should be using.

Conventional ovens are designed to cook the meat for a longer period of time at a temperature merely reaching 750 degrees Fahrenheit. This method tends to produce an even cooking style throughout the steak but often times overcooks the meat internally. It is difficult to get that crispy crust while keeping the middle juicy and rare.

Charcoal grills are another option, a go-to method of cooking, especially during those summer months. Similar to conventional ovens, charcoal grills can heat up to roughly 600-700 degrees Fahrenheit but can easily char the outside of a steak which sometimes ends up burning and scorching off all the flavors. A lot of steaks become well done when cooked this way and are often slathered with dipping sauces in order to mask the blandness. 

The Beefer, unlike anything else available, beats the competition out of the water by caramelizing the peppery crust of the steak and maximizing its flavors for an unmistakable taste while trapping in all the delectable juices for that perfect mouth-watering bite each time. It would seem like it would take hours of preparation and meticulous attention to details to achieve this kind of quality when actually it happens all within just seconds of entering the blazing 1500 degrees Fahrenheit of heat. Due to its High-Performance Ceramic Burner, The Beefer is able to accomplish perfect results every single time by evenly distributing the temperature and its ability to turn food into delicacies. 

Step 3: Quality in Versatility 

Unlike the traditional oven/grill, The Beefer adds an extra layer of versatility having the unique ability to cook your entire meal at the same time so that you can serve everything hot all at once. Not to mention having only to clean one machine rather than a half-dozen pots and pans. While your steak is cooking to perfection inside the beautifully German-engineered machine, you can sauté your veggies on the top of it killing two birds with one stone. It is seriously the only flavor enhancer you’ll ever need in your home. You’ll wonder how you lived your life up to this point without it. It’s conveniently lightweight so you can transport it from your kitchen to your back deck in no time and is simply effortless to clean. That’s right, we said kitchen and back deck, making The Beefer both an indoor and outdoor portable grill no matter the season. The Beefer also comes in three sizes catering to the type of cooking enthusiast that you are. They’ve got the perfect machine for the grilling aficionado daring to take their skills to the next level and beyond, a big-boy machine for those extended family cookouts, and an even larger than life machine while still being conveniently compact for chefs and professionals set in a more commercial atmosphere. 

The Beefer has it all and delivers beyond expectations every single time! If you’re still having trouble making that decision, this insightful writer is here to help. Go back and read Step #1; you’ll find your answer there. For a perfect steak every time, The Beefer is the only solution for unparalleled results and unmatched flavor. 

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