Made with a Beefer: Cheesy Italian Veggies with Roasted Potatoes

One of the knocks on the Beefer is that is just a steak cooker. But what if that steak cooker could make both the steak and potatoes (and veggies)? What if it also knocked seafood and desserts out of the park? Wait, what? Yes, the Beefer makes the meanest steak on the planet, but it isn’t just a steak cooker. The recipe and pics below will show just a little of diverse options one can make in the Beefer.


Cheesy Italian Veggies with Roasted Potatoes


12 to15-ounce peeled Russet potatoes

1 (12-ounce) bag fresh broccoli and cauliflower florets and baby carrots

2-3 tablespoons Italian Salad dressing

1/2 cup desired shredded cheese blend

Salt and pepper per instructions



STEP 1 Preheat Beefer to medium-high.

STEP 2 Cut potatoes crosswise in 1/4-inches wide round slices:

Cheesy Italian Veggies with Roasted Potatoes


Place potato slices in 4-cup microwave safe bowl. Add 1/2-cup water and 1 teaspoon salt over potatoes. Cover bowl with plastic wrap, and cook in microwave on high for 3 minutes. Uncover potatoes and drain water. Blot potatoes with a paper towel. Toss potatoes with 2 teaspoons cooking oil and place in Beefer tray.


STEP 3 Cut broccoli and cauliflower into bite-sized pieces, if needed. Place vegetables on Beefer Tray and toss with Italian Salad dressing.


TIP 1  When cooking steak, begin cooking potatoes and veggies 10 minutes before the meat. Finish roasting the potatoes as the meat rests.


STEP 4 Place potato tray on bottom shelf in the preheated Beefer. Place veggies on 4th rack from the top. Cook vegetables 2 minutes, stirring veggies and potatoes after 1 minutes:

Cheesy Italian Veggies with Roasted Potatoes

TIP 2 When removing a tray of veggies or potatoes, to stir, turn the tray around, before returning to Beefer, to help with equal browning. 

STEP 5 Place the potatoes on the 3 rack. Sprinkle veggies with cheese and place on the bottom shelf:

Cheesy Italian Veggies with Roasted Potatoes

Cook potatoes 3-6 minutes, stirring the potatoes every minute as they continue to brown. Adjust the tray between the 3 to 4 rack height to help with browning. 

STEP 6 Grill meat as planned on high temperature. Place potatoes on the bottom shelf inside the Beefer to catch the meat drippings. Place veggie tray outside the Beefer to prevent over cooking.

STEP 7 As steak rests, crisps potatoes on the 3rd Beefer shelf, stirring once, for 30-60 seconds. Place veggies on the 4th shelf and finish melting cheese, if needed:

Cheesy Italian Veggies with Roasted Potatoes



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