Typically one steak at a time on The Beefer, unless you are cooking filets, then two.  Also keep in mind that because of the cooking speed and process, the next steak gets started while the first one is resting.  So it is possible to prepare several steaks in a short period of time if you have a crowd of hungry people.

This will depend on the size and thickness of your steak…the bigger the protien, the longer it will take overall.  Typically, an ambient temperature 1” rib eye steak will take about four minutes start-to-finish for medium rare.

This will depend somewhat on the weather, but on an average day The Beefer will achieve 1,500 degrees in about five minutes.

Currently only the Beefer XL Chef model can be converted to run from NG.  We are looking into options to offer NG on the other models in the future. 

The Beefer XL is designed to be used as a table mounted device with maximum clearance around.

This is a wind guard that snaps into place on the back of the unit just under the ceramic burner.  *We get this one a lot…not very clear directions about this piece.  We think there might be a lot of people never even install it, or throw it away without knowing.

The Chef has a tray at the bottom – to store accessories if Beefer is not in use – or to collect uncatched fat and juice. The outer side walls at the XL Chef are stainless steel, too – at the XL it’s enameled steel. Any way – both are great devices. The XL Chef is intended – as the name indicates – for Chefs with maximum versatility – but the XL is same size in every detail

The Beefer XL Chef is the perfect device for Chefs and cooking professionals. It has been developed to suit professional needs in every sense, including two high performance ceramic heater elements that can be regulated separately. This enables chefs to create two differently tempered Beefing zones, one that can be really hot (like 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit) and another one that provides maximum heat at 1,500 degrees for Steaks, Burgers,… The Beefer XL has the same size but the two Burners are regulated via one regulator. The Beefer XL is the perfect device for extended families, outdoor kitchens, or people who simply like to party and enjoy perfect steaks in an elevated manner and would like to share the stunning results with lots of people.

All Beefer devices are handcrafted with love in Germany near Bonn, the former German capital on the river Rhine.

Yes, the grill is stainless steel – it should be no different then any other stainless steel near the ocean. I would suggest to just clean it from time to time as salt is corrosive on anything. A Beefer Original Cover is always a good idea.

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