The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide: Dad is No Longer Impossible to Shop For!

It is a known fact that dads are the most difficult individuals to buy gifts for. And with Father’s Day right around the corner, we can sense the panic starting to settle in. That’s why we came up with the ultimate gift guide for dad this year, grill style! Don’t worry, we got you!


Look no further, this is the one and only gift you need to win favorite child of the century award! The Beefer! Let’s face it, dads love to grill and love to show off their skills even more. We all know they’re secretly and sometimes not-so-secretly in competition with the neighbors. So, this Father’s Day, give dad the best grill on the market. With a burner temperature reaching1,500° F almost instantly and cooking anything dad’s heart desires to perfection, The Beefer will outdo any neighborhood competition. No other grill on the market even comes close to being entertained as a gift option so we’ve made this super easy for you. Now on to the fun accessories!


Accessories are a way to really personalize a gift for someone. And lucky for you and dad, The Beefer comes with a multitude of accessories to choose from. Check out our website for the full catalog, but below we’ve listed our favorites that dad will love too!

Beefer Burger Tray with Ring

Is your dad a burger master? Take his skills to the next level with the Beefer Burger Tray and Ring creating perfectly symmetrical patties each time.

Beefer Fat Tray

The Beefer Fat Tray is made of stainless-steel and fits perfectly under the Beefer to collect any liquids during cooking and makes clean-up a breeze! Who wouldn’t love that?

Beefer Grill Glove

Working with 1500°F degrees is as equally thrilling as it is dangerous but only if you’re not equipped with the proper safety tools. Beefer thought of everything – especially when they engineered these insulated grilling gloves with the extreme heat in mind. No more worries about burning dad’s hands – these babies can handle the heat! All 1500°F degrees!

Beefer Tongs

No matter if dad is a huge meat-loving BBQ master, a pescatarian connoisseur, or a manly vegetarian, Beefer Tongs are a must-have to easily handle everything on dad’s menu.

Beefer Carry Bag

Since The Beefer is portable, dad can’t be without the official carry bag! Now he can take his Beefer everywhere with him whether it’s to the beach, out camping, or at the neighbor’s house who still cooks steaks at low temperatures on his old charcoal or gas grill – show him how to do it right! Beef it up with 1,500°F degrees!

Fifth & Cherry Cutting Board Beefer Edition

Last but not least, the best performing, and longest-lasting cutting board ever made! Unlike anything dad has ever experienced, this cutting board is handcrafted in the USA from 100% responsibly sourced cherry wood and steel reinforced that is large enough to handle anything he wants to cook yet compact enough for areas with smaller counter spaces.

So, there you have it! The perfect gift for a perfect Father’s Day and all the accessories to really impress the grill master of the house. No other gift will top The Beefer so grab yours today!

By Sarah Bonacci | June 10, 2022

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